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The Saving Grace concierge is here to help with all of the things you simply don’t have time to do, the annoying things you try and squish into any free time you have.

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Virtual Concierge

Our ‘Virtual Concierge’ brings benefits direct to your employees at the touch of a button that quite simply “make their life easier”.

According to our study, 70% of working people struggle to manage the demands of every day life. 

So whether its booking services direct to the workplace, rather than rushing about on your lunch-hour, or access to exclusive discounts with local businesses the Saving Grace virtual concierge has got your employees covered.

The result? Happier employees with more time and head space to be productive for your business!

Saving Grace | Employee Engagement Agency | staff engagement

Engagement Programmes

Tailored, managed engagement programmes that suits your needs, culture and people.

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Saving Grace | Employee Engagement Agency | tools

Tactical Tools

Ingenious ways to keep the troops healthy, happy and committed at your fingertips.

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Saving Grace | Employee Engagement Agency | management console

Management Console

Easy access tools that make it incredibly easy for your managers to motivate and reward.

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Whether you’re already part of the Saving Grace family, or interested in joining us, please get in touch — we’d love to hear from you!

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