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Saving Grace offers a broad range of engagement options designed to excite, motivate and care for your employees.

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What is Saving Grace?

At Saving Grace we are all about making life easier; for your business, your managers and your employees.  We spend all of our time thinking of creative, quirky and simple ways to engage your team so you don’t have to!

We will help you understand how your employees feel about your business culture, communication and their own working environment and how to create a place they love to work.

We will find ingenious ways to keep the troops bought in throughout the year with bespoke engagement solutions that focus on Reward & Recognition, Health and Wellbeing, Team Building, Events and meeting your CSR goals.

We don’t believe one-size-fits-all so will work with you to deliver tailored solutions that suit your teams down to the ground and won’t cost the earth…….. and best of all we will manage it all for you… so you can concentrate on the mountain of other jobs on your to do list!

The result? Happier employees with more time and head space to be productive for your business!


5 Reasons to Choose Saving Grace:

Create a happier, more productive workforce

Improve physical and mental wellbeing

Increase employee retention

Attract the best of the best!

Minimise internal delivery cost and resource

Check out the services we offer to see exactly how we can change your business for the better?


of those surveyed told us that they see Saving Grace as a valuable employee benefit.

*Saving Grace employee survey 2017
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Why It’s Important

Quite simply happy, engaged employees, work harder, take less time off, stay longer and rave about your business…!

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Services We Offer

From fully managed engagement programmes to simple tactical tools, Saving Grace has your engagement needs covered!

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Great! Where do I sign up?

Whether you’re already part of the Saving Grace family, or interested in joining us, please get in touch — we’d love to hear from you!

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